Aruba Youth Soccer Camp 2023

The Aruba Youth Soccer Camp (SECA) is here to provide the youth with the opportunity to have fun with the sport that they like and ( for those that are interested) to open up the possibility of taking their talent in a professional direction.

Honorable Mention

We would like to mention that Ms. Sundari Croeze was scouted in July, by AJAX trainers and today she is a fixed member of the SPARTA team Rotterdam. Her dream came through and so can others.

Training and Measurements:

Motor skills

Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance, Coordination

Physical attributes

Fat percentage, Body height, Flexibility

Technical skill

Learn to act quickly and without the ball


Look and switch rapidly

Thinking skill

Make the right decisions and how to anticipate

How we Work

Our technical trainers will focus on the individual and provide personal feedback. This feedback will help the players to improve their skills and prepare them for the future.

All training is done and based on the VTON (Voetbal Technische Ontwikkeling Nederland) manual.

The players will be familiar with and know all the international aspects of the soccer sport.

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